3 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Party Balloons

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3 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Party Balloons

15 January 2016
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Balloons can add an interesting visual component to any party, but for a truly memorable experience, you should find a way to incorporate a personal touch into your decorations. Below are three ways that you can add a personal touch to basic balloon decorations that will delight your guests and make for a memorable party. 

Attach a Photo 

To increase the visual experience that balloons provide, you can try attaching photographs of the guest of honor to the end of the strings of the balloons. If the strings are cut to end just above head level, the party guests can wander the room, amused by pictures of the guest of honor. This works really well with older guests of honor, such as for a retirement party or later wedding anniversary and can replace a slideshow. If you are using this idea for a younger guest of honor, make sure to include plenty of pictures of them with the other guests as opposed to solo shots, to make everyone feel included. 

Insert a Memory 

Another great way to include memories in your balloon decorations is to write or print memories on a piece of paper and then roll up the paper and put it in the balloon before you blow it up. At the end of the party, have everyone pop a balloon and read a memory. Make sure to either start this activity as a group, before guests start to leave, or to give each guest a balloon as they are leaving. 

This works well if you will be inserting other items in the balloons, such as miniature glow sticks or LED lights for ambient lighting and a bit of glitter or confetti to make the popping of the balloons more exciting. 

Anchor Them With Wishes 

If you want to look to the future instead of focusing on the past, consider anchoring your balloons with well-wishes for the future. You can have your guests write a wish for the guest of honor along with their RSVP, then have the wishes printed on ribbon to be attached to the balloons. If you are using ribbon in this way, make sure you anchor the balloons close to the ground or at eye-level to make the wishes easy for everyone to read. 

If it is too late to print ribbons, you can write on the ribbon anchors with a fine-tipped pen or you can attach cards to the bottom of each balloon. 

Adding these simple personal touches can give your balloon decorations a bit more personality and a touch of intimacy. For more information, contact Dino's Party Center or a similar company.

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