3 Ideas for Turning Your Company's Team-Building Exercise into a Party

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3 Ideas for Turning Your Company's Team-Building Exercise into a Party

24 May 2017
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After hearing about the benefits of team-building exercises, you may have decided to invest some of your company's time and money into hosting your own for your employees. However, if you are worried your workers may become bored with a traditional event, use one or more of the following ideas to turn your team-building exercise into a party.

Organize a Group Scavenger Hunt

One fun activity you could plan for your next team-building exercise is to organize a group scavenger hunt. You could plan on having the hunt in your office building, or you may want to take it to the nearest park to give your employees some fresh air.

To organize the scavenger hunt, hide objects that pertain to your business. For example, if you own a medical office, you could purchase toy stethoscopes, nurses' hats, or pens shaped like syringes. Or, if you have a computer programming business, hide tiny toy computers or mice.

For the game itself, divide your employees equally into small groups. Then, give each member an envelope with a part of a clue to find the first item. Having different members with various clues forces the team to work together to figure it out. 

Once the hunt is over, you can decide what types of prizes you want to give out and to whom. For example, you could give each member of the winning team a gift card to their favorite store. If you choose, you can also have consolation prizes for the other teams so that everyone feels rewarded.

Have a Team Cook-Off

Another activity that could be fun and help increase your workers' team work skills is to have a team cook-off. For this, you could speak with a party planner to have them arrange to host the event at a local school in their home economics kitchen.

For the cook-off, choose fairly complex recipes, and assign each member of the team a specific role. For example, have one in charge of mixing the ingredients for the entree while other members prepare the sides and dessert. Have each team work at one station so they have to coordinate their cooking efforts.

Make it a requirement for winning that everything must be ready at the same time. Also, remind the team members that they will be eating what they cook so they will put in their best effort. After the cook-off, you could then serve the food prepared or surprise the teams with a catered dinner.

Host A Company Murder Mystery Party

Hosting a company murder mystery party is another way to build your employees' team spirits and cultivate their deductive reasoning skills. Plan the evening in a conference room, or if you want to invest more money, you could reserve a large cabin overnight at a nearby resort.

For this activity, create a scenario involving the fake murder of one of your supervisors. To add even more excitement, you could make yourself the victim.

In the room where the murder has occurred, place clues that each team can see, such as possible murder weapons. Then, give each team a packet of additional clues, such as fake bank statements or a backstory of possible suspects. The team must then put together the clues to solve the mystery.

The above ideas are only a few ways you can increase your employee's enjoyment while building a solid team. If you need more guidance or would like help with planning your next exercise or activity, you may want to contact a business that specializes in team building exercises, such as CoCo Events. These professionals have the experience to put on a great event.

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