3 Tips For Planning A Backyard Vow Renewal

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3 Tips For Planning A Backyard Vow Renewal

25 December 2017
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There are many reasons to decide to renew your wedding vows in front of friends and family. Perhaps you want to recognize an important wedding anniversary, never had a wedding celebration the first time around because you were on a budget, or have recently experienced difficulties together and want a chance to reaffirm your commitment to your marriage. In any case, a vow renewal celebration in your backyard can be romantic, low-stress, and fun if you follow these tips:

Rent a Tent

Renting a tent for your backyard vow renewal will transform your backyard into a festive event space. Renting a tent gives you the perfect location for both the ceremony and the party right in your yard. You can easily decorate your party tent with string lights, and most event tents can come wired for electricity to make things even easier.

In many cases, you can select a package that includes the tent, tables and chairs, and even dishes and silverware for the reception after your vow renewal. The party rental company will be in charge of setting up the tent as well as taking it down and removing it the next day.

Choose the Right Officiant

Since a vow renewal isn't legally binding like a wedding, your officiant doesn't have to be a licensed clergy member. Keep in mind that your officiant will set the tone for the entire ceremony. It's a good idea to choose someone who is important to you and your spouse but also has the right temperament for officiating the ceremony. You may decide to choose an adult child, a close friend, or your minister. Make sure the officiant is comfortable with public speaking and is a skilled writer since they will need to put together a meaningful ceremony.

Focus on Fun Instead of Formality

In general, vow renewals are less formal than weddings and more simple and light-hearted. You won't have wedding attendants for a vow renewal, and instead, your guests will simply relax and enjoy themselves. If you decide on a catered dinner, consider something casual like a taco bar or your favorite local food truck. Set up lawn games around the tent for fun activities after the ceremony and dinner. 

By following these tips as you plan your vow renewal, you will be sure to end up with a ceremony that is meaningful and fun for both you and your guests. Contact a company, like A Party Place Rentals , for more help.

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